Propylene glycol
          Dimethyl carbonate
          Propylene carbonate
          Dimethylformamide (DMF)
          Sodium hydroxide
          Formic acid
          Ethylene glycol


1. Physical and Chemical Properties


colorless transparent liquid 

Molecular Weight: 84.93g/moL
Molecular Formula: CH2Cl2
Density: 1.325g/mL
Melting Point: -97
Boiling Point: 40.4
Burning Point: 615
refractive_index: 1.4242
Water Solubility: 20 g/L (20℃)

2. Various numbers: CAS RN.:75-09-2   EINECS: 200-838-9
3. Usage: Dichloromethane be used in medicine, sponge foam, adhesives, flame retardants, solvents, and other fine chemical industries
4. Fire-fighting measures: fire-fighting agents: carbon dioxide, sand, water spray, foam. Keep the container cool with water if necessary.
5. First aid: If contact with skin or clothes, wash them with water. If contact with an eye, rinse with running water or physiological saline. If inhaled, removed from the scene to fresh air,  give oxygen  and artificial respiration, get medical treatment immediately. If ingested, drink plenty of warm water, vomit,  get medical treatment.
6. Packaging, Storage and Transportation: Be packed or stored in galvanized or painted iron drum(250-270kg/drum),80drums/20'FCL or a stainless steel tank. Not suitable for storage in a long period. Be transported as dangerous goods.



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