Ethylene glylol monobutyl ether Acetate

Physical and chemical properties

Color Odor State: Colorless transparent liquid Toxicity: Low toxicity

Combustibility: Relatively flammable

Density: 0.942

Volatility: slow

Boiling point: 192°C

Melting point: -63°C

Flash point: 103.8°C

Solubility: low solubility in water, excellent solubility for various paints

Various numbers

CAS: 112-07-2

HS: 2915390090 EINECS: 203-933-3


Ethylene Glylol Butylether Acetate is a low-toxic high-grade solvent with excellent performance. It is widely used in industries such as synthetic resins, adhesives, inks, printing, textile printing and dyeing, and leather tanning agents. It can also be used as a polymerization aid for latex paints. As a binder, it has excellent solubility properties for various paints, and is widely used in colorful paints and emulsion paints.

Hazard category

general cargo

Firefighting measures

Combustible in case of open fire or high heat. Firefighters must wear gas masks and full-body fire suits to fight the fire in the upwind direction. Spray water to keep the fire container cool until the fire is over. Extinguishing media: carbon dioxide, alcohol foam.

First aid treatment

Skin contact: Take off contaminated clothing, wash with water and soapy water
Eye contact: lift eyelids, wash with water and normal saline
Inhalation: leave the site to fresh air
Ingestion: Drink plenty of warm water, induce vomiting

Packaging, storage, and transportation

 Packed in plastic barrels or iron barrels, 190kg/drum, stored in a cool and ventilated warehouse, away from fire and heat sources, away from direct sunlight, sealed, separated from oxidants and acids, and should not be stored together.

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